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Mark your calendars: December 19, 2013


The 3rd Thursday of December (12-19-13) is coming up. Please invite a friend to experience the Superscrabble Club games. Contact maliha.mendoza@gmail.com if you need the venue information. Please confirm that you’re coming via email or text 714-654-4308.

The following categories of words are good to know. To win $5 the word must contain 5 letters. Study the 12 examples in each category.

FIRST ROUND: Words relating to primates. Examples: monkey, mandrill, marmoset, tamarin, prosimian, simians, loris, lorises, humans, gibbons, lemurs, tarsier, etc.

SECOND ROUND: cordials. Examples: liqueur, razzmatazz, curacao, amaretto, aperitif, absinth, margarita, cognac, negroni, brandy, chartreuse, cointreau, etc.

THIRD ROUND: Words starting with ku— . Examples: kudus, kudzu, kufis, kugel, kukri, kulak, kulaki, kultur, kurgans, kumquats, kunzite, kurbash, etc.

A long word to remember: IMMORTALIZATION (n., 15-letters). See breakdown below:

MM, MO, OR, AL, LI, AT, TI, TA, ON, ONS, MOR, MORT, TALI, ZA, ION, IONS, IMMORTAL, IMMORTALIZATION . The possibility exists during the games. Adding an S makes it 16 letters (IMMORTALIZATIONS) which is playable only on the Super Scrabble® board.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The official adjudicator reference book, WORD JUDGE USA, approved by WGPO (Word Game Players Organization) is now available. All scrabblers may request for a free PDF file by visiting www.wordjudgeusa.com or the blog site superscrabble.wordpress.com/superscrabble21 and press the globe. You can also obtain a hard copy or ebook through amazon.com or authorhouse.com.