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Mark your calendars: January 16, 2014


The next meeting is scheduled for third Thursday, January 16, 2014. Please invite a friend to come and enjoy the funnest club in OC. New comers will be allowed to play with a “cheat sheet.” Please confirm by emailing or texting 714-654-4308 your intention. If you are still having problem seeing the blog site where previous logs are stored, try this link: https://superscrabble.wordpress.com/

To extend the New Year 2014 celebration, we will deviate from the norm by playing Superscrabble Speed Game. Here’s the plan: A timer will be set for 10 minutes. Each player scrabbles by herself or himself, watched by an assigned partner. The partner makes sure the player abides by the rule. Draw 7 tiles and play as speedily as possible. Replace the drawn tiles to keep a total of 7 tiles on the rack before each play. Exchanging tiles is allowed 5 times only during the entire 10 minutes. The partner writes down each bingo word played, the number of exchanges, and the longest word on the board. At the end of 10 minutes the timer will buzz off, and all players must STOP. Players are allowed to finish the last play within 30 seconds. The player must figure out the total score. The partner must verify the total score, the bingo words, and the longest word played. The second 10-minute round begins, wherein player and partner thence exchange places. After two rounds the highest total score will win 1st prize: one cent per point earned. Players who are tied with the same score will split the 1st prize. 2nd is half of 1st prize; 3rd is half of 2nd prize.

FIRST ROUND: Superscrabble Speed Game – two 10-minute games

SECOND ROUND: Words about exercise: jogging, walks, pushes, stretches, jumping, dance, etc.

THIRD ROUND: Words beginning with COR–: corms, corky, copula, cords, coral, corner, etc.

LONG WORD TO KNOW: Coquettishnesses (16 letters). Starting with coquet, coquettish, coquettishness, ending with the plural form coquettishnesses.

I will be making the “famous” Filipino fruit salad (according to the Arab, Indian, and Pakistani ladies who raves about this salad with their friends). No need to bring sack lunch or “pot-of-luck.” My usual offering of food for all to enjoy still stands; this is my family’s tradition that’s hard to break. However if you feel like it, you may bring two pieces of fruits of any kind to match the fruits I will be using for the fruit salad: apples, pears, oranges, grapes (just a small bunch of grapes), and two bananas.