Praised be Jesus Christ Now And Forever {PBJCNAF]. Hope everyone is well and hale, COVID free.
I was just lifting late beloved Maliha like i do for my dear departed in my daily prayers and Masses, lately via zoom and livestream, and remembering that last year at St Lawrence Martyr’s Church in Redondo Beach, i requested a Mass for her this coming June 5. Wow..time flew…and come to think back, her last email to me about Jesus was in August 7…and she’s up there in heaven, now please God and must have met late beloved John too….at least they’re not social distancing up there.
Take care everyone…as we keep our “shelter in place”.


Joyce C Payne, OCDS

“I have always wanted to be a saint. I said to myself: God cannot inspire unrealizable desires. I can, then, inspite of my littleness, aspire to holiness.” – St. Therese of Lisieux


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