MMMSSC 12_19_19 #2


Here’s the final list of players this Thursday, 12/19/19:

Division A: Gretchen C, Joel E, Lynn G, Amnon M, Gary M, David P, Alan S, Tom T

Division B: Evelyn D, Rick D, Renee K, Najat R, Ruth S, Fern T

Division C: Bob A, May J, Anthea P, Joyce P, Don P, Joanie S

Venue is at :

Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 307 E Katella Ave, Orange 92867

In order for us to keep our schedule from 1pm to 8pm, we have another rule to impose, that is, the 3-minute overtime rule. Once a player has gone 3 minutes over the standard playing time, the clock will be stopped and deductions from each player’s score are made accordingly.

Happy Holidays!

Yuki and Evelyn

P.S. Birthday celebrants for the month of December are David and Bob. Here’s wishing them more super scrabble days to come!

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