Wow….Arsud’s best written email about late beloved saint-on-earth Maliha’s holily awesome legacy of a “friendly scrabble game” drove to the point Maliha’s being My Fair Lady indeed, in thought, word and deed.

Eternally grateful for her ‘adopting me as a sister’ during the five ‘learning’ years that i stayed in a guestroom of her immaculately elegant home, I find solace in my late beloved saint-on-earth-too spouse John meeting her again up there and remembering that the labor-of-love [now relic] Scrabble board that she made and gave me when we first played scrabble in Tustin was the ‘lucky-charm-of-a-board’ that lbJohn and I played Scrabble on whence lbJ and i first met one memorably blessed day, months before lbJ and i tied the knot on Saint Catherine of Sienna’s feastday! Deo gratias.
On Maliha’s sharing and caring love, she told me about Createspace that was the channel that made me finish what lbJohn didn’t…publication of his writings in LAST STRAWS book that even has a kindle version this year on Amazon/KDP. Thank you Maliha.

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