First MMMSSC players

Hello super scrabble enthusiasts,

The following 17 players are good to go for the inaugural MMMSSC games:
(Don’t worry if we’re uneven, Yuki and I will take care of it.)

Bob A, Gretchen C, Evelyn D, Joel E, Janet G, Lynn G, May J, Renee K, Yuki L, Gary M, Don P, David P, Najat R, Joanie S, Alan S, Tom T, Fern T

Score sheets as well as a tally sheet will be provided.

In order to give more players a chance to win a prize, we are imposing the OPPPPD rule (One Prize Per Person Per Day). A player can receive a prize only once for the category words in each club meeting. Exception to this rule however applies to the long words with 12-13 letters and 14+ letters. Everyone is given the opportunity to win a prize for these words.
Good games to all in honor of Maliha’s memory!

Yours Superscrabbly,


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