First MMMSSC players


Dear Friends:

It was such a touching and heartwarming moment for me to see so many of Maliha’s super scrabble friends yesterday – of course she would take issue with that, “family”, not mere friends, she would correct me. Thanks for keeping her memory alive, and thanks for the picture buttons – I have told my kids that we have all been made honorary members of her memorial club.

I remember the time two decades ago when she discovered club scrabble – Gary Moss knows her history well. She used to cry because she could not win, but also complain that the club meetings were so impersonal.

“I will have a club where we will all be friends,” she declared one day.
“Impossible”, I told her. Playing scrabble is a competition, and you cannot be friends with your opponents. Also, most of the players are of a mature age, and people don’t make new friends at that stage of their lives. I can imagine her saying, like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, “You just wait, Henry Higgins, you just wait.” And boy, did she prove me wrong.

I remember the early meetings of the super scrabble club, and the skeptical faces, wondering, “What is her angle? What is she after? When is she going to present us with a bill?” I could have told you the first day – I have been waiting for 50 years. She has no angle, she has no ulterior motive.

Forgive me for boasting about her. Like Eliza, she came from very humble circumstances, but she behaved like a lady, in fact, better than many so-called “Ladies”. Good manners does not merely mean knowing which fork to use, but being sensitive to other people’s feelings. If she ever behaved rudely to anyone, I have yet to meet that person.


Arshud Mahmood

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