Superscrabble Update Again!!


Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said ‘much ado about nothing’? Figuring out where the next Superscrabble club might be has taken on a life of its own. I have spent the last several days trying to figure this out. After much discussion today with Gretchen and Renee Kahn, there seems to be a growing desire to have 2 SS sessions a month. One will be at Laguna Woods and the other at IHOP. In years past Maliha held 2 sessions a month at her home which had great support at the time.

One thing is for certain! Every proposal by Gary Moss in an earlier email was shot down by the majority of the regular SS players. These were Gretchen’s words, not mine. But where to play has been an issue with most players wanting to play close to home. So it does appear as if we may have 2 sessions a month and each of you is free to attend either or both. The top regular players will be assigned a SS board to keep and bring to each event. The following players may be headed to Laguna Woods: Gary Moss, Bill Lapinski, Amnon Meyers, Lynn Gunn, Gretchen Cowan and Fern Trausch. This is a total of SIX…

The following prefer the IHOP: David Poder, Alan Stern, Don Platt, Evelyn Davis, Jeff Polan, Joanie Scafuto, Karen Sturm, Najat, Nancy Douglas, Pat Reed, Renee Kahn, Tom Titus, Yuki Loritz, Janet Goldstein and Joel Elkins. This is a total of FIFTEEN…

Some players will like to attend both clubs. I know I will. The IHOP event will probably

be on the third Thursday of each month, start later and end later to avoid rush hour traffic. There will be 3 or 4 games. Lunch or dinner at the IHOP strictly!!! All of this will be decided later. I cannot speak for the Laguna Woods group…

Of course all of this is subject to further discussion and change but I think we are getting close. We can start anytime. There is no rush…

I have misplaced my Club Championship sign up sheet. To the best of my recollection I think we have 17 signed up so far and I am looking for 7 more. These players include David Poder, Beth Byrne, Bill Lapinski, Bruce, James Cassidy, Jane Crane, Jeff Polan, Joanie, Karen Sturm, Kim Peterson, Lorry Higgins, Maxine, Najat, Nancy Douglas, Paul Rickhoff, Tom Brown and Tom Titus. If there are any mistakes in this list, let me know Tuesday. I will collect $20 from each of you that day….

David Poder, Club 34 Director

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