Superscrabble Update!!


I have added 4 names from Maliha’s emailing list to what I already had from Club 34 so I believe I have a complete list of all players interested in continuing with the Superscrabble tradition started by Maliha Mahmood.  We all want to carry on her legacy and memory and continue with the tradition she set forth years ago!!

With the help of Gretchen Cowan, Gary Moss and others, we are busy at work trying to establish a new tradition to our future Superscrabble home.  We are considering the IHOP and Laguna Woods as the new venue.  We may alternate the locations.  That remains to be seen.  Gary will be contacting his people at Laguna Woods regarding room availability and I will be speaking with IHOP manager Hector as well.

There will be some changes obviously.  The biggest one will be the absence of any further payouts for wins, bingos and special words.  Maliha was very generous about this and everyone appreciated her generosity so much but I do not see anyone stepping up to carry on this tradition.  But we must carry on her tradition and her memory and we will!!!  We owe her that much for all the fun times we had with her…

If we have events at the IHOP, everyone MUST eat breakfast or lunch there to show our appreciation for having us there free of charge.  If we play at Laguna Woods, all of us must pay for a catered lunch which may be $10-15 apiece.  This is mandatory.  This is the way it has to be…

We will be getting all equipment from Maliha’s husband.  He has been kind enough to donate this.  By all estimations we may have l0-l5 SS boards and sets of tiles and clocks which means that we may be able to have anywhere from 20-30 people at any event.  I know that the IHOP room can have 30 people comfortably.  I am not sure of the Laguna Woods facility at this time.

We will continue with the 3 game format with lunch after the first game.  We should be able to start at 10am as before.  What I am not sure of is the day of the week.  Some players cannot make a Thursday event so I am taking a vote for Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.  We cannot have it on Tuesday or Friday because of Club 34 and the weekends are not good for the IHOP because the restaurant is quite busy on Saturday and Sundays.  Of course I have to speak with Hector about room availabilty for those days.  I know other clubs and organizations reserve that room from time to time.

If you do not want to participate any further, please let me know and I will remove you from the SS mailing list.  If I do not hear from you in ONE week, I will assume you are no longer interested and you will be removed.

I want you to contact me by next Monday to let me know if you are still interested and list which day of preference you have.  Email me privately at

Once we secure the venues and the day of the week, another communication will be set forth.  We hope to be up and running in a few weeks.  And one more thing!!  Since the venues will change possibly and even if they do not, it looks like each SS board, tiles and clocks will be assigned to the most frequent attendees.  You will be expected to bring the equipment to each event.  We must have an even number of players, so when you accept an invitation I will be sure that the numbers are even.  If the numbers are odd, the last player who tells me he or she is coming will be put on a waiting list.

I hope I have included everything but probably not.  More to follow…


David Poder, Director Club 34

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