A Very Very Sad Day!!


It is unusual when someone comes into your life and leaves such an impression!!  But that is exactly what Maliha Mahmood did..  In the peaceful serene surroundings of the Melrose Abbey Memorial Park, Maliha was laid to rest today surrounded by Scrabble friends and family..  My relationship with Maliha was short-lived compared to others but she left a mark on my life and on my inner being that few people have ever done before…

As director of Scrabble Club 34 and as a leader in the Scrabble community, I will do what I can to continue the legacy and memory of Maliha.  I want to keep Superscrabble a monthly event.  Maliha would want that and so do many others.  With the help of Gretchen Cowan, Yuki Loritz and others, this will be a reality.  We have the equipment, we have the food and I am pretty sure we have the location.  I think I have found a spot very attractive and centrally located that can accommodate the Superscrabble club of Orange County.  More specific details will follow but the one thing that will not happen are the financial awards that Mahila gave out on a monthly basis.

Maliha was so very generous every month she would spend in excess of $500 on prizes and food.  I do not know of anyone who will continue that tradition but no one should care.  I know of very few people who came to Superscrabble for the money!!  So we will carry on the tradition but things will never be the same without Maliha!!

David Poder, Director

NASPA Club #34, Huntington Beach, CA

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