MERRY CHRISMAS TO ALL!  It was a pleasant surprise to receive a Jade Horse from all of you.  I truly love it!  Reading the Crystal “Bible” by Judy Hall, JADE is a wonderful semi-precious stone filled with many positive attributes. It will take a few pages to innumerate all of it’s positive vibes that brings harmony.  It is believed to attract good luck and friendship.  Thank you all for such a special and unique gift!  I will treasure it forever.

I’m finally back to the California groove…getting over with a cold that prevented me from sending you the stats sooner. Another eventful year 2017 will soon pass in less than a week, and we should all be THANKFUL to whomever you believe has been guiding you, protecting you from getting harmed, and blessing your life with good health, good friends, happiness, and contentment in your heart.

CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!  LYNN GUNN won 3 games, 3 category words, 10 bingo words, and total CUM=2926.  DAVID PODER also won 3 games, 9 bingos, finishing with a CUM=2909. GRETCHEN COWAN won the High-Game-1126 and the Highest Cumulative Score=3030. Gretchen’s award is waiting to be picked up. RENÉE KAHN played 6 category words! PAT REED won the highest non-bingo word for REPAINTS=149

RESULTS OF THE 12-21-17 GAMES: KEY: Games Played=GP; Win=W; High Game=HG; Cum=C; HC=Highest Cumulative Score; Bingo=B; Category Words=CW

BOB AGNEW: GP=3; Win=2; HG=917; C=2450; B=3; CT=1

GRETCHEN COWN: GP=2; Win=2; HG=1126; C=3030; B=10; CT=2

EVELYN DAVIS:  GP=3, W=2, HG=964, C=1747, B=4; CW=1

JANET GOLDSTEIN: GP=3; W=1; HG=954; C=2399; B=4; CW=1

LYNN GUNN: G=3, W=3; HG=1080; C=2449; B=10; CW=3

RENÉE KAHN: GP=3; W=1; HG=854; C=2458; B=4; CW=6

YUKI LORITZ: GP=2; W=1; HG=1086; C=1995; B=9; CW=0

MALIHA MAHMOOD: GP=1; W=1; HG=866; C=866; B=2; CW=0

GARY MOSS: GP=1; W=1; HG=1020; C=1020; B=4; CW=0

DON PLATT: GP=3; W=0; HG=862; C=2183; B=0; CW=3

DAVID PODER: GP=3; W=3; HG=1015; HC=2914; B=9; CW=0

JEFF POLAN:  GP=3, W=1, HG=983, C=2503, B=8; CW=0

PAT REED: GP=2; W=1, HG=906, C=1796, B=12; CW=2

NAJAT REIKES: GP=3; W=0, HG=861, C=2327, B=4; CW=1

JOANIE SCAFUTO: GP=3, W=0, HG=769, C=2126, B=1; CW=3

TOM TITUS:  GP=3, W=2, HG=900, C=2536, B=4; CW=1

TINA UDELSON:  GP=3, W=2, HG=914, C=2690, B=11; CW=4

PAT YARNELL:  GP=2, W=1, HG=795, C=1567, B=9; CW=0

The next Superscrabble Club Games is scheduled for Thursday, 01-25-17, at our usual venue, 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin 92782, 10:00am.  IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND, please email at, call or text Maliha at 714-654-4308.  There is no fee to join the club, however, you must come with a PMA=positive mental attitude. We play 1 game in the morning, lunch is served after 12:15, and 2 more games for the rest of the day.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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