WELCOME back!  ROY KAMEN visited us from Florida after his departure from California this year. And welcome DAVID PODER, who tied with Roy’s number of bingos played=15!  It’s David’s first experience at the Superscrabble Club games. The 3-game winner is:  ROY KAMEN who played a total of 15 bingos. The award for HG-point=1133 goes to DAVID PODER; and he also gets the award for HC=2914.  David’s awards for HG and HC were not figured out at the end of the games; however his prizes will be handed to him in an envelope if and when he shows up at the next meeting.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to RENÉE KAHN.  Renée found 3 category words=XERUS, XYLEMS (both 1st and all-day category-words), and FLIPS, a body building terminology.  GARY MOSS played a high-bingo word=103 points. DON PLATT was the only one who found a word that ends with -TION for NATION.  JOANIE SCAFUTO played a high non-bingo word=108 points for ZANY, and she found TRICEP for the 3rd category.

We missed Bob AgnewBill Lapinski, Amnon Meyers, and Fern Trausch.  We hope you are well, and see you all during our Christmas meeting on December 21, 2017 at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club, 12442 Tustin Ranch Road, Tustin 92782.  

Condolences to Amnon Meyers for his brother’s recent passing—may Danny Meyers rests in peace.  Maliha will be visiting her stepmother in Maliha (Nov. 27, 2017 thru Dec. 10, 2017), and will meet her half-sister, Donna Matias and Donna’s daughter, Kristin; they’ll be flying to Manila from Sydney, Australia.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!  RESULTS OF THE 11-16-17 GAMES: KEY: Games Played=GP; Win=W; High Game=HG; Cum=C; HC=Highest Cumulative Score; Bingo=B; Category Words=CW

GRETCHEN COWAN: GP=3; Win=2; HG=954; C=2798; B=8; CT=0

JANET GOLDSTEIN: GP=3; W=1; HG=831; C=2399; B=3; CW=0

LYNN GUNN: G=3, Win=2; HG=867; C=2449; B=5; CW=0

RENÉE KAHN: GP=3; W=0; HG=794; C=2253; B=3; CW=3

ROY KAMEN: GP=3; W=3; HG=1172; C=3184; B=15; CW=0

YUKI LORITZ: GP=3; W=2; HG=989; C=2887; B=14; CW=0

MALIHA MAHMOOD: GP=3; W=1; HG=808; C=2230; B=4; CW=0

GARY MOSS: GP=3; W=2; HG=1107; C=2874; B=12; CW=0

DON PLATT: GP=3; W=1; HG=793; C=2179; B=6; CW=1

DAVID PODER: GP=3; W=2; HG=1133HC=2914B=15; CW=0

PAT REED: GP=3; W=1, HG=981, C=2532, B=8; CW=0

NAJAT REIKES: GP=3; W=1, HG=940, C=2482, B=7; CW=1

JOANIE SCAFUTO: GP=3, W=1, HG=804, C=2234, B=3; CW=1

TOM TITUS:  GP=3, W=2, HG=941, C=2676, B=9; CW=0

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