Congrats to all winners!  We have two champions this month.  The winners of 3 games are John G. Karris and Pat Reed.  John played 14 bingos and 2 category words (GEMMY & SLAMMED.  Pat played 9 bingos and 3 category words (DOCTOR, POUTER & TOMMY).  Amnon Meyers won the high cummulative score=3006, and played 14 bingos.  Gary Moss won the high-point-game=1141 on the 3rd round, and finished with 10 bingos. Gretchen Cowan won the high-scoring-bingo=136 points (FAIREST), with a total of 8 bingos. Reneé Kahn found 5 category words! (RANCH, LIZARD, DIMMER, DIMMERS (during another round), and MAMMA, and had a total of 4 bingos.  John and Amnon tied for the most bingos played=14.  And we all said goodbye to Nancy Douglas who is going away for a while, but she promised to come back within a year or so.

Key to abbreviations after the player’s name:  GP=games played; WN=number of wins; HG=high game; CM=cumulative score; CW=category words; and #BP=number of bingos played; *NR=not recorded

GRETCHEN COWAN: GP=3, WN=2, HG=1087, CM=2706, CW=0, #BP=8

NANCY DOUGLAS: GP=3, WN=2, HG=787, CM=2179, CW=1, #BP=4

JANET GOLDSTEIN: GP=3, WN=2, HG=846, CM=2365, CW=0, #BP=6

LYNN GUNN: GP=3, WN=1, HG=940, CM=2530, CW=1, #BP=4

RENEÉ KAHN:  GP=3, WN=2, HG=899, CM=2456, CW=5, #BP=4

JOHN G. KARRIS: GP=3, WN=3, HG=1079, CM=2949, CW=2, #BP=14

MALIHA MAHMOOD, GP=3, WN=1, HG=819, CM=2382, CW=0, #BP=2

AMNON MEYERS, GP=3, WN=2, HG=1071, CM=3006, CW=0, #BP=14

GARY MOSS: GP=3, WN=1, HG=1141, CM=2865, CW=0, #BP=10

DON PLATT: GP=3, WN=0, HG=745 CM=2034, CW=0, #BP=1

PAT REED: GP=3, WN=3, HG=1036, CM=2893, CW=3, #BP=9

NAJAT REIKES: GP=3, WN=1, HG=1000, CM=2587, CW=0, #BP=7

JOANIE SCAFUTO: GP=3, WN=0, HG=783, CM=2183, CW=3, #BP=3

TOM TITUS: GP=3, WN=2, HG=991, CM=2703, CW=0, #BP=10

FERN TRAUSCH: GP=3, WN=1, HG=888, CM=2443, CW=1, #BP=6

PAT YARNELL: GP=3, WN=1, HG=969, CM=2555, CW=0, #BP=7

Please tell your friends about the Superscrabbler’s Club in. Visit our blog site for results, venue info, and list of prizes for distribution at the end of 3 games.  The next games are scheduled for OCT. 19, 2017.  A reminder will be posted a week prior.  There is no fee to join the club; it’s purely for the good of all.

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