Results 6-22-17


Congrats to all winners!  We have two champions this week.  The winners of 3 games are  Gretchen Cowan with 10 bingos; and Roy Kamen, with 15 bingos; Roy got the high-point bingo word=146 for COEXISTS. Jeff Polan won the high cum=2655 playing 10 bingos (excluding the 3-game winners); and Gary Moss got the high-point-game of the day=1020, with 10 bingos. Gary played a double as we were uneven; his total cum was taken from the first 3 games.  Lynn Gunn had a high-point non-bingo for ZOOM=88.  GaryJoanieLynn, and Najat were able to play the assigned category words and qualified to receive an instant award of $5 for each word.

Key to abbreviations after the player’s name:  GP=games played; WN=number of wins; HG=high game; CM=cumulative score; CW=category words; and #BP=number of bingos played; *NR=not recorded

BOB AGNEW: GP=1, WN=0, HG=858, CM=858, CW=0, #BP=2

GRETCHEN COWAN: GP=3, WN=3, HG=973, CM=2710, CW=0, #BP=10

LYNN GUNN: GP=3, WN=0, HG=928, CM=2398, CW=1, #BP=7

ROY KAMEN, GP=3, WN=3, HG=1081, CM=3182, CW=0, #BP=15

MALIHA MAHMOOD, GP=3, WN=1, HG=877, CM=2459, CW=0, #BP=3

GARY MOSS: GP=4, WN=2, HG=1020, CM=2492, CW=3, #BP=10

DON PLATT: GP=3, WN=1, HG=769, CM=2099, CW=0, #BP=4

JEFF POLAN: GP=3, WN=2, HG=956, CM=2655, CW=0, #BP=10

NAJAT REIKES: GP=3, WN=1, HG=939, CM=2497, CW=1, #BP=6

JOANIE SCAFUTO: GP=3, WN=1, HG=857, CM=2520, CW=1, #BP=7

TOM TITUS: GP=3, WN=2, HG=850, CM=2419, CW=0, #BP=3

The pot for 14-15+letter-word now contains $505.  Find two bingo words that can be combined to create a 14-letter-word.  The next games: JULY 20, 2017.  A reminder will be posted a week prior.

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