Results – 4-20-17 Superscrabble Games


Congratulations to all the winners listed below!  Our new champ on 4-20-17 is Pat Reed, winning 3 games with a cum of 2892; she played 13 bingos; and also won the high-point=bingo word DOURING=136. (Note that bonus words, are counted as legit unless challenged and taken off the board.)   Gretchn Cowan won the high cum=2986, the high-point game=1063, CW=1, and played 10 bingos.  Najat Reikes won the high-point non-bingo word AXE=69, played 13 bingos, and one category word.  We celebrated Marian Melendez‘s B-day, who turned 95 last week.  We sang belated March B-days for Fern and Joanie. Twelve players found the assigned category words, winning $5 for each word.  There’s no fee to join the club. It’s purely for the good of all and have a good time together.

Key to abbreviations after the player’s name:  GP=games played; WN=number of wins; HG=high game; CM=cumulative score; CW=category words; and #BP=number of bingos played.

BOB AGNEW: GP=2, WN=1, HG=760, CM=1380, CW=0, #BP=1

GRETCHEN COWAN: GP=3, WN=2, HG=1063CM=2986, CW=1, #BP=10

LYNN GUNN: GP=3, WN=2, HG=980, CM=2821, CW=0, #BP=10

RENÉE KAHN: GP=3, WN=1, HG=925, CM=2405, CW=3, #BP=5

BILL LAPINSKI: GP=3, WN=1, HG=966, CM=2740, CW=1, #BP=8

MARIAN MELENDEZ: GP=2, WN=0, HG=477, CM=953, CW=2, #BP=1

MALIHA MAHMOOD, GP=2, WN=2, HG=744, CM=1270, CW=1, #BP=2

GARY MOSS: GP=3, WN=2, HG=1004, CM=2687, CW=2, #BP=7

DON PLATT: GP=3, WN=0, HG=670, CM=1874, CW=1, #BP=0

JEFF POLAN: GP=3, WN=1, HG=923, CM=2462, CW=2, #BP=7

PAT REED, GP=3, WN=3, HG=1039, CM=2892, CW=0, #BP=13

NAJAT REIKES: GP=3, WN=2, HG=1021, CM=2767, CW=1, #BP=13

JOAN SCAFUTO: GP=3, WN=1, HG=812, CM=2169, CW=1, #BP=1

TOM TITUS: GP=3, WN=2, HG=928, CM=2747, CW=2, #BP=10

FERN TRAUSCH: GP=3, WN=1, HG=870, CM=2434, CW=2, #BP=5

For previous STATS and upcoming CATEGORY assignments for the next meeting, please visit  The next meeting is on MAY 25, 2017.  Reminder will be posted prior to the scheduled games.

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