OCT. 20, 2016 – Superscrabble Club Games



Is it Fall yet?  The following super scrabblers signed up for the next meeting:  Bob Agnew, Gretchen Cowan, Lynn Gunn, Renée Kahn, Marian Melendez, Najat Reikes, Pat Reed, Tom Titus, Don Platt and Maliha.  For those who forgot to sign up, please let me know so we’ll have enough food for lunch.  Pairing begins at 10:00 a.m.  New words are acceptable from now on effective September 2016.  If you don’t have a copy of the list with WGPO’s 1124 new words, let me know so I can have enough printed for you.

The instant reward for finding 12- to 13-letter words is now worth $105.  Several players already won this category, and it gets replenished each time it’s captured. The pot for words with 14 to 15+ letters is worth $460.  No one has taken this prize since 2012.  You can do it…I know it’s possible.  To qualify for an instant reward for the following categories, the word must contain 5 letters.  Winning 3 games plus the highest cumulative score will have a prize, as well as high game, most bonus words played, and high scoring non-bingo word.  Newcomers will be shown how to play the most stimulating and funnest game in town, and will be allowed to use a CHEATSHEET.

1st game category:  ANATOMY words:  stomach, intestine, teeth, eyelid, eyebrow, hands, knees, earlobe, pancreas, shoulder, finger, tongue, mouth, throat, etc.

2nd game category:  PROFESSIONS:  forester, doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer, accountant, salesman, singer, drummer, farmer, driver, policeman, detective, judge, etc.

3rd game category:  -OUR- anywhere in a word.  The letters must be together.  Examples:  amour, amours, arbour, arbours, adour, adours, armour, armours, beglamour, hours, behaviour, court, belabour, course, bescour, bescours, bourse, bourses, boursin, boursins, etc., and more; find it in the book WORD JUDGE FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS.

ALL DAY category:  Words containing “ANTI” words such as:   antigen, anticar, antijam, antilog, antigun, antifat, antiflu, anting, antimarket, antimanagement, antifog, antick, antiar, antibug, antiacne, antic, etc.

LEARN a long word each day:  ANTICLERICALISMS has 16 letters.  You may start with CLERIC; add a prefix ANTI in front and a suffix AL making it ANTICLERICAL; focus on this word between yourself and your opponent without saying anything–try telepathy? Make it longer as in anticlericalisms.  The two players who got this on the board will split $460.

The next meeting is scheduled a week prior to Thanksgiving:  November 17, 2016.  Please mark your calendar.

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