Super-S Results 9-22-16


Two 3-game winners were awarded prizes today! Gary Moss 3/3 and Roy Kamen 3/3.  Nine players found assigned word categories and won instant award. Congratulations to all winners.  Roy is the big winner after accumulating HG=1283, highest CS=3340, for most bingos played NB=15, and HPB=153 for WHOLISM.  The winners of assigned categories are:  Gretchen CowanNancy DouglasJanet GoldsteinLynn  GunnRenée KahnRoy KamenMarian MelendezDon Platt, and Najat Reikes.

Hey Roy, kindly tell us in detail (write a short paragraph and email to all listed above) how hard you’ve worked on being able to remember those bingo words…I know you kind of told me you’ve memorized 6000+ complete with anagrams of those 7s and 8s–did I remember that correctly?

KEY:  NG=number of games played; NW=number of wins; HG=high game; CS=cumulative score; NB=number of bingo words played; HPB=high-point bingo; *=unrecorded; **=phoney

Bob Agnew:  NG=1, NW=0, HG=728, CS=728, NB=2, HPB=94 PLATOON

Gretchen Cowan:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1079, CS=2835, NB=8, HPB=81 SORENESS

Nancy Douglas:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=780, CS=2160, NB=1, HB=149 POUTIEST

Janet Goldstein:  NG=2, NW=1, HG=938, CS=1606, NB=4, HPB=86 TAUTING

Lynn Gunn:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=985, CS=2752, NB=10, HPB=92 CARPETS

Renée Kahn:  NG =3, NW=2, HG=911, CS=2448, NB=5, HPB=93 SHOUTED

Roy Kamen:  NG=3, NW=3HG=1283CS=3340NB=15, HPB=153 WHOLISM

Paul Kanter:  NG=2, NW=1, HG=785, CS=1452, NB=1, HPB=* SUITERS

Bill Lapinski:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=1256, CS=3085, NB=12, HPB=116 JETTISON

Maliha Mahmood: NG=1, NW=1, HG=944, CS=944, NB=2, HPB=112 LIQUINE**

Marian Melendez: NG=2, NW=0, HG=575, CS=1130, NB=1, HPB=* TENTING

Gary Moss:  NG=3, NW=3, HG=997, CS=2756, NB=8, HPB=92 BUMPIER

Don Platt:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=805, CS=2128, NB=3, HPB=89 REQUIRE

Jeff Polan:  NG=3, NW=0, HG=788, CS=2360, NB=8, HPB=81 INMATES

Najat Reikes:  NG =3, NW=2, HG=1111, CS=2879, NB=8, HPB=102 WRESTING

Tom Titus:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=893, CS=2502, NB=7, HPB=88 WEAKLING

Fern Trausch:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=904, CS=2547, NB=7, HPB=83 SELECTS

The next Superscrabble Games: October 22, 2016.  Watch for reminder a week prior.

Go to and download the APP.  It will automatically update your previously downloaded app.

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