Congratulations to the following winners:  Amnon Meyers won 3 out of 3 games; Roy Kamen for HG=1169, highest CS=3163, and most bingos played NB=16.  Winners of  assigned categories:  Lynn  Gunn 2 words; Renée Kahn 3 words; Fern Trausch 4 words; and Pat Reed 2 words.  Tom Titus had the highest point bingo, HB=180.

Welcome to Don Platt, who joined us for the first time.  We hope to see you again Don!  We also sang belated B-day songs to Bill LapinskiSara BarnesAmnon MeyersGary Moss, and an advance celebration for Jeff Polan.

Maliha had a wonderful trip to England touring the countryside (thru Jane Austen Society of North America) the birthplace of Jane Austen, of places mentioned in her books “Pride and Prejudice,” “Emma,” “Persuasion,” and many others.  She encountered a plant called “Stinging Nettle” at the grounds of a church where Jane used to attend service.  This plant Urtica Dioica, is a medicinal herb–therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia, allergies, and arthritis.  Maliha admired its beauty–little did she know that the nearly invisible, needle-sharp hairs penetrate the skin at the slightest touch.  The rash is similar to poison ivy (per National Geographic “Guide to Medicinal Herbs”).  Thankfully, she carries a tiny jar of Vicks chest rub all the time, which resolved the rash in her fingers within 60 minutes.

KEY:  NG=number of games played; NW=number of wins; HG=high game; CS=cumulative score; NB=number of bingo words played; HPB=high-point bingo; CW=category words found; *=unrecorded

Nancy Douglas:  NG=3, NW=0, HG=809, CS=2361, NB=2, CW=0, HPB=71 TINNERS

Gretchen Cowan:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=930, CS=2643, NB=7, CW=0, HPB=159 SQUIRED

Lynn  Gunn:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=1083, CS=2915, NB=8, CW=2, HPB=78 COUNTIES

Renée Kahn:  NG =3, NW=2, HG=965, CS=2705, NB=5, CW=3, HPB=149 EQUINOX

Roy Kamen:  NG=3 NW=2, HG=1169, CS=3163NB=16, CW=0, HPB=111 TREMBLY

Bill Lapinski:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=967, CS=2724, NB=10, CW=0, HPB=104 CREAMIER

Maliha Mahmood: NG=3, NW=1, HG=966, CS=2440, NB=6, CW=0, HPB=112 OPAQUED

Amnon Meyers:  NG=3, NW=3, HG=1038, CS=2949, NB=10, CW=0, HPB=130 MILDEST

Don Platt:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=804, CS=2257, NB=2, CW=0, HPB=77 FALTERS

Jeff Polan:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=888, CS=2470, NB=7, CW=0, HPB=101 THENARS

Pat Reed:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=935, CS=2690, NB=12, CW=2, HPB=91 STINGER

Najat Reikes:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=843, CS=2298, NB=7, CW=0, HPB=91 GELATES

Tom Titus:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1050, CS=2799, NB=6, CW=0, HPB=180 DETRAINS

Fern Trausch:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=1117, CS=2866, NB=11, CW=3, HPB=98 STRIVEN

The next Superscrabble Games: September 22, 2016.  Watch for reminder a week prior.

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