RESULTS 6-16-16


WELCOME to Jeff Polan for coming to Super Scrabble® games for the first time. CONGRATS to all winners: Roy Kamen won 3 games with high cum=3276, high game of 1125, and played 17 bingos. Gretchen Cowan (THIEVERY) and Lynn Gunn (SHAKERS) got the high-scoring bingo=121 points. Maliha scored a high non-bingo play, JUPE=82.  There were three players who found “MY” category words:  Lynn Gunn for TUMMY; Renée Kahn for MYNAH and MYOPE; and Najat Reikes for DREAMY and WORMY.  There is a change of date for our next meeting.  It will be held on August 25, 2016, 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin 92782.

KEY:  NG=number of games played; NW=number of wins; HG=high game; CS=cumulative score; NB=number of bingo words played; CW=category words played; HPB=high-point bingo; *=unrecorded

Bob Agnew:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=842, CS=2323, NB=5, CW=0, HPB=88 ROACHES

Nancy Douglas:  NG=3, NW=0, HG=823, CS=2231, NB=5, CW=0, HPB=101 BOSSILY

Gretchen Cowan:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=951, CS=2574, NB=10, CW=0, HPB=121 THIEVERY

Lynn Gunn:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1006, CS=2782, NB=8, CW=1, HPB=121 SHAKERS

Renée Kahn:  NG =3, NW=2, HG=880, CS=2478, NB=6, CW=2, HPB=89 CHALICE

Roy Kamen:  NG=3 NW=3HG=1125CS=3115NB=17, CW=0, HPB=101 SMOTHERY

Maliha Mahmood:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=889, CS=2444, NB=6, CW=0, HPB=110 ENCASING

Jeff Polan:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=986, CS=2688, NB=10, CW=0, HPB=94 FASTINGS

Pat Reed:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=950, CS=2548, NB=7, CW=0, HPB=102 COQUETS

Najat Reikes:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=986, CS=2867, NB=9, CW=2, HPB=106 DECLINES

Visit our blog site where a link to download the WGPO-WJ2 App exists.  The WGPO WORD CUP begins July 29 thru August 3, 2016.

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