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RESULTS 6-16-16


WELCOME to Jeff Polan for coming to Super Scrabble® games for the first time. CONGRATS to all winners: Roy Kamen won 3 games with high cum=3276, high game of 1125, and played 17 bingos. Gretchen Cowan (THIEVERY) and Lynn Gunn (SHAKERS) got the high-scoring bingo=121 points. Maliha scored a high non-bingo play, JUPE=82.  There were three players who found “MY” category words:  Lynn Gunn for TUMMY; Renée Kahn for MYNAH and MYOPE; and Najat Reikes for DREAMY and WORMY.  There is a change of date for our next meeting.  It will be held on August 25, 2016, 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin 92782.

KEY:  NG=number of games played; NW=number of wins; HG=high game; CS=cumulative score; NB=number of bingo words played; CW=category words played; HPB=high-point bingo; *=unrecorded

Bob Agnew:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=842, CS=2323, NB=5, CW=0, HPB=88 ROACHES

Nancy Douglas:  NG=3, NW=0, HG=823, CS=2231, NB=5, CW=0, HPB=101 BOSSILY

Gretchen Cowan:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=951, CS=2574, NB=10, CW=0, HPB=121 THIEVERY

Lynn Gunn:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1006, CS=2782, NB=8, CW=1, HPB=121 SHAKERS

Renée Kahn:  NG =3, NW=2, HG=880, CS=2478, NB=6, CW=2, HPB=89 CHALICE

Roy Kamen:  NG=3 NW=3HG=1125CS=3115NB=17, CW=0, HPB=101 SMOTHERY

Maliha Mahmood:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=889, CS=2444, NB=6, CW=0, HPB=110 ENCASING

Jeff Polan:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=986, CS=2688, NB=10, CW=0, HPB=94 FASTINGS

Pat Reed:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=950, CS=2548, NB=7, CW=0, HPB=102 COQUETS

Najat Reikes:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=986, CS=2867, NB=9, CW=2, HPB=106 DECLINES

Visit our blog site where a link to download the WGPO-WJ2 App exists.  The WGPO WORD CUP begins July 29 thru August 3, 2016.

Superscrabble Games June 16, 2016


Superscrabble Games, June 16, 2016, 10:00a.m., at 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin 92782, 714-544-4746.  Reply to this email or text Maliha at 714-654-4308.  If you’re new to Super Scrabble® and would like to experience a crossword game on 21×21 grid of quadruple letter/word scores, please confirm your attendance.  Equipment is provided. There’s no fee to come and play.  There are prizes:  winning 3 games, highest scoring game after completing 3 games, highest scoring bingo word, most bingo words played, highest scoring non-bingo word, and prize for each valid words with 5 or more letters for all day category.  There’s only one category, an all-day category.

ALL DAY CATEGORY:  Words beginning or ending with “…MY…” Examples of words beginning with MY…note not all “my” words are in the list.



There are four long words included in the above list that may have a potential to win 15+ letters:  MYRINGODERMATITIS (17 letters), MYRINGODERMATITISES (19 letters), MYCOTOXINISATION (16 letters), MYCOTOXINISATIONS (17 letters).  DERMA is good to start, so is TOXIN. The prize of finding words with 14- to 15+ letters is now $450 and the 12- to 13-letter words is $95.

Our next meeting will be August 18, 2016.  The WGPO (Word Game Players’ Organization) Word Cup begins on July 30 thru Aug 3rd in Phoenix, Arizona.  If you wish to attend, please call Larry Rand at 480-589-0039.



There were 14 participants, and two players won all three games–CONGRATS to all winners: Mike Johnson and Fern Trausch. Beginning June 2, 2016 winning 3 games will include the total cumulative score–meaning the CS award will be factored in and added to the 3-game award. Mike’s cum= 2949, and Fern’s cum=2780.  Bill Lapinski scored a high game=1193 winner.  Roy Kamen got the highest cum=3115 and listed the usual high number of bingo words=19 played.  Renée Kahn got the high-scoring bingo=122 ADJOINS, and found 9 words in all categories.  Most players won something especially finding assigned category words, and we are all happy.  Overall, Renée’s total winning came out to be more than any players.  Obviously she studies and focuses on the category words, a good diversion for the efficiency of the brain cells.

KEY:  NG=number of games played; NW=number of wins; HG=high game; CS=cumulative score; NB=number of bingo words played; HPB=high-point bingo; CW=category words played; *=unrecorded

Bob Agnew:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=767, CS=1944, NB=2, CW=0, HPB=81 STONERS

Nancy Douglas:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=929, CS=2327, NB=3, CW=3, HPB=80 TRUSTED

Lynn  Gunn:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=954, CS=2523, NB=6, CW=6, HPB=97 HURTING

Mike Johnson:  NG=3, NW=3, HG=995, CS=2949, NB=*, CW=1, HPB=*

Renée Kahn:  NG =3, NW=2, HG=848, CS=2284, NB=4, CW=9, HPB=122 ADJOINS

Roy Kamen:  NG=3 NW=2, HG=1165, CS=3115NB=19, CW=1, HPB=103 SHEROOTS

Bill Lapinski:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1193, CS=2809, NB=13, CW=0, HPB=112 PILOTED

Maliha Mahmood:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=886, CS=2439, NB=5, CW=0, HPB=80 DENOTES

Marian Melendez:  NG =3, NW=0, HG=504, CS=1339, NB=0, CW=3, HPB=0

Amnon Meyers:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=1081, CS=2992, NB=9, CW=2, HPB=87 GAMBLER

Pat Reed:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=959, CS=2734, NB=11, CW=0, HPB=90 SMALLEST

Najat Reikes:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1135, CS=2852, NB=10, CW=3, HPB=92 YOUNGER

Tom Titus:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1038, CS=2705, NB=9, CW=2, HPB=97 SCHEMES

Fern Trausch:  NG=3, NW=3, HG=980, CS=2780, NB=8, CW=3, HPB=91 DECIDED

THANK YOU ALL for remembering Maliha’s Bday.  The gift and cupcakes are much appreciated. THE next Superscrabble Club meeting is on June 16, 2016, 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin 92782.  Text or call Maliha 714-654-4308.