SuperScrabble Games: 6-2-2016


Reminder:  We are meeting on June 2, 2016, 10:00a.m., at 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin 92782, 714-544-4746.  Reply to this email or text Maliha at 714-654-4308.  If you’re new to Super Scrabble® and would like to experience a game with 21×21 grid of quadruple letter/word scores, a cheatsheet will be allowed and any member can show you how it is done.  Please confirm your attendance.  Equipment is provided. There’s no fee to join the club.  There are prizes for winning 3 games, highest scoring game after completing 3 games, highest cumulative score, mostest bingo words played, highest scoring bingo word, and instant prize for a valid word for each game category.

1st Game Category–ADVERBS.  Must contain 5 letters or more.  Examples:  aboard, abnormally, about, abroad, actively, actually, acutely, almost, already, always, amazingly, angrily, bleakly, blindly, blissfully, boldly, boastfully, crossly, cruelly, cunningly, curiously, currently, customarily, cutely, etc.

2nd Game Category–ADJECTIVES starting with N.  naive, narcissistic, nasty, natural, naughty, nauseated, nauseous, neandertal, nefarious, negative, nervous, nervy, noble, noisome, nonplused, normal, nosey, nutty, narcotized, nitid, numerous, nutrient, etc.

3rd Game Category–NOUNS starting with O.  Ohias, obduracy, oakum, oarfish, oarlock, oarsman, oasis, obeah, obeisance, obelisk, obesity, obiism, ocarina, oddball, oddness, oedema, oenology, offal, offbeat, oilcloth, oilskin, etc.

For ALL DAY CATEGORY:  VERBS ending with “ING.”  Dancing, walking, brushing, bending, ringing, working, weaving, learning, singing, biking, etc.

Please mark your calendar for the next meeting which is scheduled for June 16, 2016.  A reminder will be sent a few days prior to the meeting.

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