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Super-S Results 3-24-16


We all had a good time and fun games at Ruby’s Diner. Fourteen of us enjoyed the day last Thursday 3-24-16. Thanks to Paul Trachtenberg who graciously came to make our group even. We missed Gretchen, Tom Titus, and Paul Kanter. Congratulations to the following winners: Pat Reed won 3 games, and had the high-scoring bingo=138 for CANDLES; Roy Kamen had the high game=1057, high cumulative score=2991, and the most bingo words played=15. Beethoven’s Symphony #5 instruments for the orchestra were hard to come by, in spite of the many words suggested including Amnon’s expanded list relating to the Symphony #5. Only one player, Renée Kahn, found a word: FLUTE. Several players found words in the “-ITE” category.

KEY to abbreviations:  *=unrecorded; NG=number of games played; NW=number of wins; HG=high game; CS=cumulative score; NB=number of bingo words played; HPB=high-point bingo

Bob Agnew:  NG=2, NW=1, HG=845, CS=1675, NB=3, HPB=121 texture

Nancy Douglas:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=805, CS=2277, NB=5, HPB=88 shingle

Janet Goldstein:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=903, CS=2429, NB=3, HPB=88 refuels

Lynn Gunn:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=863, CS=2465, NB=5, HPB=95 wolfing

Renée Kahn:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=995, CS=2691, NB=9, HPB=96 deepens

Roy Kamen:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1052, CS=2991, NB=15, HPB=122 exuviate

Bill Lapinski:  NG=3, NW=2, HG=1021, CS=2861, NB=10, HPB=101 isotope

Maliha Mahmood:  NG=2, NW=1, HG=860, CS=1450, NB=4, HPB=86 bounties

Marian Melendez:  NG=3, NW=0, HG=661, CS=1598, NB=1, HPB=88 tingles

Amnon Meyers:  NG=3, NW=1, HG=1004, CS=2860, NB=8, HPB=129 janitor

Gary Moss:  NG=2, NW=2, HG=943, CS=1873, NB=6, HPB=85 scaling

Pat Reed:  NG=3, NW=3, HG=1036, CS=2948, NB=11, HPB=138 candles

Najat Reikes:  NG=3, NW=0, HG=897, CS=2573, NB=7, HPB=105 deflates

Paul Tranchtenberg:  NG=2, NW=1, HG=876, CS=1683, NB=3, HPB=*

Our next SuperScrabble Club meeting is scheduled for April 7, 2016. If you’re new to this game and interested to experience the 21×21 grid of quadruple letter score and word scores (in addition to the standard double and triple-letter word scores), don’t hesitate to contact or text/call her at 714-654-4308. There’s no fee to join the club. You’ll be winning some prizes if you win all 3 games, find the assigned category words, or end up with a high-game score and cum scores — it’s all for camaraderie and lots of fun. We start at 10 a.m., have lunch together, then play two more games for the rest of the day — just to keep our brain cells going all the time. It’s also a good preparation for serious competitive scrabble players. Our adjudicator is an app that can judge challenged play from 2- thru 21-letter-words, downloadable free by visiting a site

Super-S Games at Ruby’s 3-24-16


We are meeting at RUBY’S DINER on Thursday 3-24-16.  Participants are limited to 18.  Please let me know right away, if you can make it.  Our street, Chandler Drive in Tustin, where we normally meet is being resurfaced and limited to residents only…no parking is allowed on the street.  Breakfast and lunch is included in the arrangement, so come and have breakfast as well…order anything from coffee/tea, to eggs, etc.  Jorge at Ruby’s reserved a space for us and we’re allowed a time slot of 9:30 thru 4:30.  All day category:  musical instruments used in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op.67.  I saw the following instruments at the performance by Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra: violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horns, trumpet, harp, trombone, tubas, and percussion.  To qualify for an instant prize, the words must contain 5 or more letters.  GAMES begin at 10:00 a.m. sharp.