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Super-S Champion, Jan. 2016



Cash Prizes were awarded to the top six finishers:
1st Place: $400.00 Amnon Meyers, W5, CUM.+1291
2nd Place: $290.00 Yukiko Loritz, W5, CUM.+833
3rd Place: $220.00 Roy Kamen, W5, CUM.+738
4th Place: $160.00 Tom Singleton, W4, CUM.+532
5th Place: $130.00 Luise Shafritz, W4, CUM.+528
6th Place: $100.00 Gary Moss, W4, CUM.+300
7th Naurlene Canterman, W4, CUM.+112
8th Pat Reed, W4, CUM.+2
9th David Postal, W4, CUM.-126
10th Teresa Schaeffer, W3, CUM.+789
11th Gretchen Cowan, W3, CUM.+383
12th Najat Reikes, W3, CUM.+219
13th Evelyn Davis, W3, CUM.+200
14th Tom Titus, W3, CUM.+210
15th Fern Trausch, W3, CUM.-97
16th Bill Lapinski, W3, CUM.-148
17th Renee Kahn, W2.5, CUM.+ 122
18th Pat Yarnell, W2.5, CUM.-28
19th Lynn Gunn, W2, CUM.-78
20th Janet Goldstein, W2, CUM.-181
21st Nancy Douglas, W2, CUM.-393
22nd Maliha Mahmood, W2, CUM.-668
23rd Robert Agnew, W2, CUM.-820
24th Marian Melendez, W1, CUM.-829
25th Alia Mahmood, W0, CUM.-1126
26th Robert Towry, W0, CUM.-1348
The pdf file details who received prizes for each game’s category prizes, and most bingo played prize which Roy Kamen got for 31 bingos.  Please refer to your most recent email to see the pdf file.