11-19-15 Results Super-S Games


Welcome Luisa Arnold and Rubina Chaudhary for joining us this Thursday. Rubina played a game after observing a couple of players who showed her how to play Super Scrabble®.  She has never played this game before.  Luise played 2 games; it was her first experience with Super Scrabble®.  Please come again because we love playing with you.

We enjoyed the change of weather, no one cared about winning three games!  However, we witnessed another fantastic happening — NANCY DOUGLAS was able to hook “DEMON” on an existing word “OLOGIES” making it a 12-letter word DEMONOLOGIES. Congratulations to:  NANCY DOUGLAS for winning $55!  BILL LAPINSKI for high game of 1144, and for playing the most number of bingo words=13; NAJAT REIKES for finding the highest scoring bingo word for TRECKING*=118; and to RENÉE KAHN for finding 6 words in the assigned categories of the day.  The next Super-S meeting is on 12-03-15. Visit superscrabble.wordpress.com.

[Key to abbreviations after the player’s name:  GP=games played; WN=number of wins; HG=high game; CM=cumulative score; BP=number of bingos played; and * for phoney.  Last names are listed in alphabetical order]

LOUISA ARNOLD: GP=2, WN=0, HG=764, CM=1311, BP=3

RUBINA CHAUDHARY: GP=1, WN=0, HG=755, CM=755, BP=0

NANCY DOUGLAS: GP=3, WN=1, HG=886, CM=2192, BP=3

LYNN GUNN: GP=3, WN=2, HG=881, CM=2517, BP=4

RENÉE KAHN: GP=3, WN=1, HG=902, CM=2542, BP=2

BILL LAPINSKI: GP=3, WN=2, HG=1144, CM=2996BP=13

MALIHA MAHMOOD, GP=2, WN=2, HG=860, CM=1640, BP=5

MARIAN MELENDEZ: GP=3, WN=0, HG=584, CM=1549, BP=0

GARY MOSS: GP=2, WN=1, HG=842, CM=1629, BP=3

PAT REED, GP=2, WN=1, HG=893, CM=1753, BP=7

NAJAT REIKES: GP=3, WN=2, HG=982, CM=2798, BP=10

TOM TITUS: GP=3, WN=2, HG=972, CM=2679, BP=6

PAT YARNELL: GP=2, WN=2, HG=985, CM=1943, BP=7

The following players confirmed entry to the January 16-17, 2016 Super Scrabble® Tourney.  Maliha Mahmood, Gary Moss, Roy Kamen, Najat Reikes, Luise Shafritz, Amnon Meyers, Gretchen Cowan, Lynn Gunn, Yuki Loritz, Robert Agnew, Nancy Douglas, Pat Yarnell, Pat Reed, Bill Lapinski, Renee Kahn, Marian Melendez, Tom Titus, Dave Postal, Robert Towry, Alia Rehman, Naurlene Canterman, Janet Goldstein.  Please tell your friends to join the first RATED Super Scrabble® tournament in North America.  We are able to accept 40 participants.

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