On 9-24-15 we learned something about “EID” (Arabic word meaning festivity to celebrate an old tradition–unfortunately not useful in crossword games).  After lunch we enjoyed two games in the afternoon.

CONGRATS Tom Titus and Roy Kamen for winning both games! ROY scored the high game (HG=1039), had a high bingo=105 for RESIDUA, and the most bingos played=9 total.  The next meeting is scheduled for 10-08-15. A reminder will be posted.  

WN=number of games won; GP=games played; HG=high game; CM=cumulative score; and BP=Bingo played.

BOB AGNEW: GP=2, WN=0, HG=822, CM=1550, BP=4

GRETCHEN COWAN: GP=2, WN=1, HG=1025, CM=1787, BP=5

NANCY DOUGLAS: GP=2, WN=1, HG=870, CM=1556, BP=1

LYNN GUNN: GP=2, WN=1, HG=933, CM=1827, BP=5

RENÉE KAHN: GP=2, WN=1, HG=908, CM=1605, BP=4

ROY KAMEN:  GP=2, WN=2HG=1039CM=2014, BP=9

MALIHA MAHMOOD, GP=2, WN=1, HG=870, CM=1547, BP=5

MARIAN MELENDEZ: GP=2, WN=0, HG=680, CM=1306, BP=1

PAT REED, GP=2, WN=1, HG=893, CM=1782, BP=6

TOM TITUS, GP=2, WN=2, HG=919, CM=1733, BP=6

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