CONGRATS Bill Lapinski and Tom Titus for winning 3 games! Three wins in the super scrabblers’ games maybe comparable to playing 6 standard games of scrabble. Bill scored the high game (HG=1168) and had a high bingo=149 for CASTINGS.  Roy Kamen had the most bingo played=14 total.  Reneé Kahn played 3 words that fit the categories assigned.  Seven participants who are super scrabblers will be attending the WGPO Word Cup during the Labor Day weekend in Portland, Oregon.

The next meeting is scheduled for 9-24-15. A reminder will be posted.  The players listed below are arranged alphabetically by first name.  WN=number of games won; GP=games played; HG=high game; CM=cumulative score; and BP=Bingo played.

BILL LAPINSKI, WN=3, GP=3, HG=1168, CM=3223, BP=10

BOB AGNEW, WN=1, GP=3, HG=803, CM=2076, BP=1

FARHAT SIDDIQI, WN=0, GP=3, HG=697, CM=1880, BP=1

GARY MOSS, WN=2, GP=3, HG=887, CM=2592, BP=10

JANET GOLDSTEIN, WN=1, GP=2, HG=820, CM=1548, BP=3

LYNN GUNN, WN=2, GP=3, HG=964, CM=2671, BP=7

MALIHA MAHMOOD, WN=0, GP=3, HG=904, CM=2476, BP=7

NAJAT REIKES, WN=2, GP=3, HG=990, CM=2759, BP=12

NANCY DOUGLAS, WN=2, GP=3, HG=842, CM=2318, BP=3

PAT REED, WN=1, GP=3, HG=1054, CM=2741, BP=10

PAUL KANTER, WN=0, GP=2, HG=768, CM=1471, BP=1

RENEÉ KAHN, WN=1, GP=3, HG=952, CM=2631, BP=5

ROY KAMEN, WN=2, GP=3, HG=1143, CM=3039, BP=14

TOM TITUS, WN=3, GP=3, HG=942, CM=2692, BP=9

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