WELCOME to our latest neophyte super scrabbler Farhat Siddiqi, Ph.D., P.E., of GEO-Environmental, Inc., who surprised everyone by signing up for our next meeting scheduled on 8-27-15.

CONGRATS to the 3-game winners Renée Kahn (HCum=2672), and Roy Kamen finishing with a high cumulative score (HCum=3408)! Roy did it again including the high-scoring game (HG=1223), mostest bonus words (or “bingo”) played=18, and high-scoring bingo word=114 for REKEYED. In addition to Renée’s winning 3 games, she found five words in the assigned categories combined. Good job you all, and keep it up!  We had a great time and memorable camaraderie.  Gary Moss and Maliha are doing a research on the simplest possible way of ranking Super-S players so that one of these days we can have an official tournament in Tustin that will be sanctioned by the Word Game Players’ Organization.

BOB AGNEW, Games=2, Win=0, HG=707, Cum=1403, Bingo=1

GRETCHEN COWAN, Games=3, Win=0, HG=857, Cum=2289, Bingos=4

NANCY DOUGLAS, Games=3, Win=1, HG=766, Cum=2133, Bingo=1

LYNN GUNN, Games=3, Win=1, HG=948, Cum=2574, Bingos=7

RENEE KAHN, Games=3, Win=3, HG=899, Cum=2672, Bingos=6

ROY KAMEN, Games=3, Win=3HG=1223Cum=3408Bingos=18

PAUL KANTER, Games=2, Win=0, HG=785, Cum=1426, Bingo=0

MALIHA MAHMOOD, Games=2, Win=2, HG=839, Cum=1318, Bingos=2

ALIA REHMAN, Games=1, Win=0, HG=394, Cum=394, Bingo=1

PAT REED, Games=3, Win=2, HG=914, Cum=2514, Bingos=8

NAJAT REIKES, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1126, Cum=2732, Bingos=10

FARHAT SIDDIQI, Games=2, Win=0, HG=686, Cum=1079, Bingo=2

TOM TITUS, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1114, Cum=2821, Bingos=8

FERN TRAUSCH, Games=3, Win=2, HG=946, Cum=2533, BINGOS=9

For previous STATS visit  THE NEXT SUPER-S GAMES: 8-27-15. Please note that Maliha will attend the Word Game Players’ Organization, the WGPO WORD CUP championship in Portland, Oregon on 9-4-15 thru 9-9-15. Regretfully, there will be no Super-S Club games on 9-10-15.  We will resume on 9-24-15.

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