Super-S Games 8-13-15


Our scheduled meeting is on 8-13-15 10:00 a.m. Text 714-654-4308 or reply to this email.   Please text 714-654-4308 or email to  Words in the following categories must contain five letters or more to qualify for an instant award. New comers will be given “cheat sheets” and shown how to play the super scrabblers’ game.

1st Game category has to do with GEOLOGY:  Basaltic, basalt, metamorphic, stones, rocks, sediment, formation, minerals, igneous, bedding, volcanic, jurassic, glacier, granite, etc.

2nd Game category:  Precious and semi-precious gemstones such as diamond, rubies, emeralds, smaragd, smaragde, pearls, sapphire, moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, opals, topaz, etc.
3rd Game category:  materials, supplies, equipment for road construction or repair such as crane, caterpillar, pavers, asphalt, aggregate, gravel, cement, barriers, trucks, trailer, bitumen, concrete, etc.
ALL Day category are words containing FER any part of a word, front, middle, or back:  Feral, feracity, feria, ferny, ferrite, refer, prefer, puffer, puffery, tafferel, zaffer, confer, briefer, buffer, coffer, offer, aquifer, loafer, goffer, gofers, hoofer, knifer, knifers, offeror, conferva, defer, efferent, differ, deffer, etc.Download your free app: The ebook of Word Judge for Clubs and Tournaments, the official WGPO word list for word game players in North America including Super-S Club Play is now available for free download at  Hard copy will be available at before winter 2015.

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