RESULTS 7-23-15


Congrats to the following winners: Roy Kamen is our 3-game and HCum=2888 winner today.  Pat Reed won the highest game score=1109.  Marian Melendez found the high scoring bingo=149 for REALIZE. Sara Barnes and Nancy Douglas listened to our crooning “HBday” gleefully. Several players were successful in finding the assigned category for each game.  It’s a good sign as it shows that your brain cells are getting stimulated to be more alert.  It’s not just about a high scoring play, but more of thinking about a particular word and the feeling of joy upon playing the word.

8-5, 8-6, and 8/8/2015 tournament will be going on  in Las Vegas, Collins Division, directed by Daniel Horowitz.   PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THE NEXT SUPER-S GAMES: 8-13-15.   See results of 7-23-15 games below:

BOB AGNEW, Games=2, Win=0, HG=761, Cum=1472, Bingos=5

GRETCHEN COWAN, Games=3, Win=2, HG=983, Cum=2638, Bingos=10

NANCY DOUGLAS, Games=3, Win=1, HG=903, Cum=2210, Bingos=5

JANET GOLDSTEIN, Games=3, Win=1, HG=862, Cum=2400, Bingos=5

LYNN GUNN, Games=2, Win=2, HG=929, Cum=2658, Bingos=8

RENEE KAHN, Games=3, Win=2, HG=900, Cum=2543, Bingos=7

ROY KAMEN, Games=3, Win=3, HG=983, Cum=2888, Bingos=11

BILL LAPINSKI, Games=1, Win=0, HG=837, Cum=837, Bingos=4

MALIHA MAHMOOD, Games=3, Win=1, HG=947, Cum=2521, Bingos=5

MARIAN MELENDEZ, Games=3, Win=0, HG=784, Cum=2109, Bingo=1

GARY MOSS, Games=2, Win=2, HG=1071, Cum=1930, Bingo=6

PAT REED, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1109, Cum=2792, Bingos=13

TOM TITUS, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1009, Cum=2835, Bingos=6

FERN TRAUSCH, Games=3, Win=1, HG=934, Cum=2463, BINGOS=4

PAT YARNELL, Games=2, Win=1, HG=894, Cum=1768, BINGOS=4


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