Big welcome to Luise Shafritz a visitor from Las Vega.  Luise is our 3-game winner surprising everyone as a first timer in super scrabble games.  She played EASEL in the first game category and won an instant award. Congratulations to all winners!  Tom Titus won the highest game score=1062 and a high cum=2799.  Tom, your award is ready for pick up. Gretchen Cowan found the high scoring bingo=131 for BETTINGS.  Pat Reed (12) and Roy Kamen (12) tied for the most bingo played.  Please note that the high-point game and high cumulative score are based on playing 3 games.

BOB AGNEW, Games=3, Win=1, HG=801, HCum=2322, Bingos=5

GRETCHEN COWAN, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1036, HCum=2736, Bingos=11

NANCY DOUGLAS, Games=3, Win=1, HG=852, HCum=2368, Bingos=7

RENEE KAHN, Games=2, Win=2, HG=987, HCum=1913, Bingos=7

ROY KAMEN, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1004, HCum=2746, Bingos=12

BILL LAPINSKI, Games=2, Win=1, HG=983, HCum=1848, Bingos=8

MALIHA MAHMOOD, Games=3, Win=1, HG=820, HCum=2369, Bingos=3

MARIAN MELENDEZ, Games=3, Win=0, HG=675, HCum=1832, Bingo=2

GARY MOSS, Games=2, Win=2, HG=1037, HCum=1970, Bingo=9

PAT REED, Games=3, Win=1, HG=977, HCum=2520, Bingos=12

LUISE SHAFRITZ, Games=3, Win=3, HG=987, HCum=2754, Bingos=8

TOM TITUS, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1062HCum=2799, Bingos=8

FERN TRAUSCH, Games=3, Win=1, HG=944, HCum=2687, BINGOS=9

PAT YARNELL, Games=2, Win=0, HG=840, HCum=1580, BINGOS=4

Remember you can download the WJ2 APP by going to  The App is simple and running fine; it has been tested to be free of virus or anything that can hurt your computer.  Ignore the warnings and install it anyway.  It is downloadable now in Mac, PCs, iPhone, and iPad.

We will be singing Happy Birthday to the following scrabblers if they make it to our next meeting.:  Sara Barnes (7-14), Pam Stubblefield (7-17), and Nancy Douglas (7-30).  THE NEXT SUPER-S GAMES: 7-23-15. Reminder will be sent a few days before we meet.

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