Big welcome to Kyle Marx!  Najat volunteered to show Kyle how Super-S game can be fun and challenging to play.  In spite of Maliha’s forgetfulness of giving him the cheat sheet for a first timer in the club, Kyle did pretty well scoring 700 points during his second game.  He also won an instant award for finding an insect-related word to play.  He had experienced playing the standard Scrabble® before.

Congratulations to all winners!  Roy Kamen won 3 games.  Najat Reikes had a high cum of 2929 and a high game during the first round at 1217Gretchen Cowan found 13 bingo words.

BOB AGNEW, Games=2, Win=0, HG=759, HCum=1485, Bingos=2

GRETCHEN COWAN, Games=3, Win=2, HG=958, HCum=2591, Bingos=13

NANCY DOUGLAS, Games=3, Win=0, HG=808, HCum=2212, Bingos=5

RENEE KAHN, Games=3, Win=2, HG=856, HCum=2504, Bingos=2

ROY KAMEN, Games=3, Win=3, HG=1002, HCum=2883, Bingos=2

PAUL KANTER, Games=2, Win=1, HG=752, HCum=1427, Bingo=1

BILL LAPINSKI, Games=3, Win=2, HG=994, HCum=2702, Bingos=11

MALIHA MAHMOOD, Games=3, Win=2, HG=861, HCum=2558, Bingos=3

KYLE MARX, Games=3, Win=1, HG=700, HCum=1838, Bingo=1

MARIAN MELENDEZ, Games=3, Win=1, HG=700, HCum=1765, Bingo=1

PAT REED, Games=3, Win=1, HG=1031, HCum=2639, Bingos=12

NAJAT REIKES, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1217, HCum=2929, Bingos=10

TOM TITUS, Games=3, Win=2, HG=963, HCum=2741, Bingos=7

FERN TRAUSCH, Games=3, Win=1, HG=935, HCum=2589, BINGOS=8

Bill Lapinski had a high bingo word SENOPIAS=140.  After Bill completed his 30th games he received a special rack depicting his turtle snacking on watermelon and rose petals, designed and handcrafted with synthetic clay and decorated with the stones listed in his zodiacal sign of Cancer.

THE NEXT SUPER-S GAMES: 7-9-15. Reminder will be sent a few days before we meet.


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