Nancy Douglas and Bill Lapinski won the contents of the 12- to 13-letter-word pot playing Super Scrabble® games! This is the 4th time for this event to happen here. Nancy’s hooks were CERT+IN across Bill’s previous downward play MANATEES. Not a bingo score, but at Super-S, we not only consider bingos, we do think harder about how to make a short word longer. We tend to “tickle” the neurons in our brain. Nancy’s CERTAIN; Bill’s hooked his UN making it UNCERTAIN; next Nancy hooked her TIES making UNCERTAINTIES emerge with 13 letters to show. It was an ebullient moment shared and an inspiration to all word game players.

Congratulations to all winners!  Roy Kamen won 3 games, high cum =3073 (award is ready to pick up), and found a high scoring bingo CLUSTERS =140 points.  Gretchen Cowan also won 3 games (award is waiting for pick up). Pat Reed scored the high game =1147 with 14 bingos. Several players found the words assigned for each game’s category. Nancy completed the longest word of the day, and shared the reward with Bill for “UNCERTAINTIES.” We celebrated Tom Titus’ Happy Bday May 26 in advance.

Phony is indicated with an asterisk (*).

BOB AGNEW, Games=3, Win=1, HG=822, HCum=2245, Bingos=4, FLEETING=86

GRETCHEN COWAN, Games=3, Win=3, HG=916, HCum=2533, HBingo=ASUNDER=93

NANCY DOUGLAS, Games=3, Win=0, HG=844, HCum=2286, HBingo=MANTLES=78

RENEE KAHN, Games=3, Win=1, HG=877, HCum=2382, HBingo=PATTIES=76

ROY KAMEN, Games=3, Win=3, HG=1055, HCum=3073, HBingo=CLUSTERS=140

BILL LAPINSKI, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1025, HCum=2868, HBingo=ZITHERS=136

MALIHA MAHMOOD, Games=3, Win=2, HG=797, HCum=2195, HBingo=TONGUERS=77*

MARIAN MELENDEZ, Games=3, Win=0, HG=636, HCum=1710, HBingo=VARSITY=74

GARY MOSS, Games=3, Win=1, HG=1050, HCum=2596, HBingo=SQUEALS=95

PAT REED, Games=3, Win=2, HG=1147, HCum=2782, HBingo=CINEAST=93

NAJAT REIKES, Games=3, Win=1, HG=905, HCum=2714, HBingo=GUANINES=98

TOM TITUS, Games=3, Win=2, HG=901, HCum=2568, HBingo=SEDATES=84

THE NEXT SUPER-S GAMES: 6-4-15. Reminder will be emailed.

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