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Wisteria greeted the participants of the SUPERSCRABBLE CLUB games with a subtle fragrance signaling the coming of Spring. Welcome to Paul Kanter and Pam Stubblefield, our latest newcomers; welcome back Lynn Gunn and Jamila Acha! Congratulations to the winners and to all who found the words in the assigned category for each round. Najat Reikes is our big winner today followed by Bill Lapinski and Tom Titus. All three players won 3 games. Najat won the high cum at 3186 points. We celebrated the birthdays of those born in February: Jamila 2-25, and Najat 2-27; and Najat also received her bejewelled SUPERSCRABBLE rack featuring her birthstone—amethyst—after completing 30 games.

Through your presence, I must thank you all for allowing me to fulfill the wishes of my sister, Jesusa (Susan) Jeffris who passed away in Australia April 2012, five months prior to the formation of this SUPERSCRABBLE CLUB in her honor. On her birthday 12-25 of 2011, she asked me to get together with my friends often to have a good time with what I like doing, and to share what I can spare with friends who also love to play the funnest game in town. She stressed that sharing anything you have be it food, drinks, flowers, money, a good time, or whatever is available will come back to you 7 times more, and that good actions provide positive karma. I complied. I keep a little jar at home containing the ashes after her cremation. Okay guys let’s do SUPERSCRABBLE well! I hope you study your long words more often.

The list is arranged alphabetically. The * symbol indicates “unrecorded” data. ** = phony.

Jamila Acha 3 1 975 2440 9 TICKLES=105
Bob Agnew 3 1 734 2056 1 OVERAGE=80
Gretchen Cowan 3 2 987 2679 7 AUDITED=90
Nancy Douglas 3 1 817 2192 5 SALTING=81
Lynn Gunn 3 2 1005 2675 8 DEFAMES=101
Renee Kahn 3 2 984 2602 6 MAXIXES=90
Paul Kanter 3 1 855 2119 1 FARCEUR*
Bill Lapinski 3 3 1150 3156 16 DESIGNER=110
Maliha Mahmood 2 0 871 1517 2 GORILLA=72
Marian Melendez 3 0 707 1976 2 SCOFFER=96
Pat Reed 3 1 886 2590 9 STRIVES=88
Najat Reikes 3 3 1123 3186 16 DIAGNOSE=149
Pam Stubblefield 1 0 776 776 2 HOOSIER=82 **
Tom Titus 3 3 991 2600 5 ANNEXER=108 **
Paul Trachtenberg 3 2 781 2692 11 BRUSQUE=118
Fern Trausch 3 1 923 2718 7 NETTERS=86


SuperScrabble Club meets on 2-26-15


As usual we’ll begin at 10:00 followed by lunch, then two more games in the afternoon. Call 714-654-4308 or text if you wish to come; it’s at 2130 Chandler Drive, Tustin, CA 92782. Contact Maliha at maliha.mendoza. The following categories are: 1rst Round–Things useful around the home. 2nd Round–What are you doing? 3rd Round– What you see in Disneyland. To qualify for an instant award the word must contain 5 letters or more. All day category: Words that begin with PAR.


Welcome to Keith Hagel and Andrea Hatch who visited the SuperScrabble® Club home in Tustin. Gretchen Cowan and Bill Lapinski graciously showed them how to play the game by pinpointing the hot spots for achieving the highest possible score the game can offer for fun and enjoyment. There were just five of us, as it was not our regular meeting schedule. Andrea was the big winner with a high game of 915. Keith played a word in the assigned category and won an instant award. Andrea found the highest scoring bingo word at 170 points for REACTIONS that landed on a quadruple spot. Congratulations Keith and Andrea! Come back to play when you’re in California, and away from your home sweet home of Colorado.

Andrea Hatch 2 2 915 1805 * 1
Keith Hagel 2 2 910 1793 * 2
Bill Lapinski 2 2 840 1667 * 3
Gretchen Cowan 1 0 808 808 * 4
Maliha Mahmood 1 0 657 657 * 5

*Not recorded

Stuart Klimek’s SuperScrabble Theoretical High Score of 18,483


“Perhaps I am a rarity in my interest in finding solutions to theoretical high scores and plays using Scrabble and Super Scrabble. I believe I found a theoretical high score for combined play for Super Scrabble using SOWPODS and, for words beyond 15 letters, YAWL (Yet Another Word List). The theoretical high score is 18,483 points, which is primarily achieved with five 21-letter words and one 16-letter word: ANTHROPOMORPHIZATIONS, COMPARTMENTALIZATIONS, pSYCHOpHARMACOLOGICAL, BUCKMINSTERFULLERENES, UNEXCEPTIONABLENESSES, and QUINQUAGENARIANS. In this solution, only two other bingos are formed as it seemed necessary to use the other tiles to build the scaffolding that would support the tiles in the formation of these high-scoring words. I am hoping this solution conforms to Word Judge Global. I have attached the board layout of the solution I found, if it is of interest to you.”

Sent by Stuart M. Klimek from the Philippines yesterday.

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