SuperScrabble Club January 29, 2015, 10:00AM.


January 29, 2015, 10:00AM. Please let me know if you’re coming via email (maliha.mendoza), phone (714) 544-4746 or (714) 654-4308 [cell phone or text]. New comers are welcome. Venue: 2130 Chandler Dr., Tustin 92782. Complete set of equipment is provided. Tell your friends to visit the site for previous results and upcoming games: There are 7 awards available: (1) Wining 3 games is now worth $15; (2) High cumulative points; (3) Highest game points out of 3; (4) Highest bingo word points; (5) Mostest bingo words played; (6) 12- to 13-letter words pot (this pot was won by Bill Lapinski last meeting, so the pot’s fund starts at $15 again); and (7) Words with 14 or more letters (this pot now is worth $290; on the same day, if there are two or more winners, the prize is split).

All words played that fit the category assigned must have 5 letters or more to qualify for an instant award. Please write down all your bingo words with the score, and the words you find in a category. If you did not receive your prize on the day of the meeting, it will be waiting for you next time.

First game category: anything to do with farming including tools, equipment, and produce: cultivator, grains, wheat, windrower, plows, rototiller, subsoiler, rotator, roller, harrow, etc.

Second game category – relating to foods you like: bread, fruits, bananas, pudding, goulash, fries, potatoes, veggies, soups , biscuits, tortilla, naans, noodles, pasta, herbs, cantaloupe, melon, etc.

Third game – relating to studying or studies: books, notebook, pencils, papers, desks, essays, writing, cramming, reading, research, experiment, school, college, university, schooling, etc.
Learn a long word: AUTORADIOGRAPHICALLY (20 letters). Begin with finding a basic word within. AUTO for front, RADIO, GRAPHIC, and ALLY for an ending. Be aware of your draws to hook in building a long word. With the best of luck you might win $290. Peruse your copy of the Word Judge USA and look for words that may have the possibility. If you wish a pdf of the first edition, which you can open in your iBook library within iPad, iPhone, or similar device, please let me know and I will email you free of charge.
All day category – word that begins with FER–, BUT MUST HAVE 5 OR MORE LETTERS TO QUALIFY FOR AN AWARD: FERACITY, FERAL, FERALS, FERBAM, FERBAMS, FERES, FERETORY, FERIA, FERIAE, FERIAL, FERIAS, FERINE. See more examples below (only those with 5 or more letters are listed):

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