Superscrabble Games 12-18-14


Thanks to Bill, we will be able to enjoy our “get-togetherness” during the Superscrabble games. This is definitely our last game of the year 2014! And we’ll start all over again next year 2015. Reminders will be periodically emailed.

The games will be held at BILL LAPINSKI’s home: 21882 Raintree Lane, Lake Forest (cross streets: El Toro and Raintree) the same time 10:00 a.m. Please contact Bill at wills_way for more info on how to get there.

First game category: Christmas presents to someone you like or love. Second game: Something to do with the atmosphere (must have 5 letters or more — we’ll accept instruments to find out the weather).
Third game: Toys for kids 3-12 years old. You’ll have an instant award if you are the word finder.

Focus on long words. 1st pot, for 12-13 letters has $50. The previous winners of this pot were: Najat Reikes, Pat Reed, and Bill Lapinski. 2nd pot for 14-15+ letters has $280. This is really challenging. But after two years of playing Superscrabble games, you should be able to plot and plan for this. Focus on building up a short word, holding on to tiles that offer possibilities of emerging long and longer words.

STRAIGHT FOR WARD NESS NESSES = STRAIGHTFORWARDNESSES — 21 letters! Walk straight, go forward.
ACQUA QUAINT QUA AINT AN SHIP for ACQUAINTANCESHIP — you will have to hook “ANCE” to an existing word on the board, perhaps ACQUAINT. Hopefully you might have AACCNES on your rack. QUAINT will need front and back hooks to make ACQUAINTANCE. Holding S for possible HIP next move. Am I dreaming? It can happen.

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