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Christmas tree so beautifully decorated along with Bill standing beside it welcomed everyone to our end-of-the-year Superscrabble Club’s feast and games. It was a memorable and heartwarming 2014 event witnessed by the following Superscrabble players. Many thanks for sharing the goodies, and for all your efforts in bringing the delicious food for our gastronomic delight. Congratulations to all the award recipients and winners/finders of the words in the assigned category.

  • Fern Trausch was undefeated winning 3 games (Gs out of 3), high game (HG) 1015 during 1st round, cumulated 2835 points, and 6 bonus words with a high bingo (HB) points for GLOSSIER=93.
  • Bill Lapinski won 3Gs out of 4—he played double during the last round; he won the high cum at 2929 after 3 games. Bill’s HG was 1042 during the 3rd round; he played the mostest bingos, 15 in all, with HB points for UNRINSED=149.
  • Gary Moss won the high game at 1182; he played 2 games: 5 bonus words, with a HB points for WRASTLED=96, and non-bingo high for ANNEX=110.
  • Najat Reikes won 2Gs, high game of 1036, cum of 2838; she played 8 bonus words with high bingo for QUESTED=112, and 3 words to satisfy the category.
  • Amnon Meyers won 2Gs, high game during 2nd round at 1027, cum of 2825, played 9 bingos with HB for NOTECARD=84, and one word in the category.
  • Tom Titus won 2Gs, high game of 947 during the 3rd round, cumulated 2798, and played 6 bonus words with HB points for TAXEMIC=100.
  • Gretchen Cowan won 2Gs, high game of 918 during the 2nd round, cum of 2676, 7 bonus words with HB points for SAUNTERS=95, and one word in the category.
  • Renee Kahn won 1 game, HG of 909 during the 3rd round, cumulated 2495 points, played 5 bingos with HB for BEYONDS=87, and one word in the category.
  • Pat Reed won 2Gs, HG of 889 during the 3rd round, cumulated 2486, and found 10 bonus words with HB for FOGGERS=96.
  • Nancy Douglas won 1 game, HG of 837 during the 3rd round, cumulated 2361, 2 bingos with HB for LOTHARIO=83, and one word in the category.
  • Pat Yarnell had a high game of 853 during the 3rd round, cumulated 2341, and played 6 bingos with HB for EXPECTS=94.
  • Lourdes Cortez won 1 game, had a high game of 777 during the 2nd round, cum of 2211, played 1 bonus word SAILING=?, and found 2 words in the category.
  • Maliha Mahmood had a high game of 770 during the 3rd round, cum of 2210, played 3 bonus words with HB for BISQUES=97; no wins but had a good time.
  • Marian Melendez won 1 game, HG of 857 during the 2nd round, cum of 2117, played 5 bonus words with HB for CLOWNING=92, found 3 words in the assigned category. Marian had a ball, and she’s looking sharp and lovely after her knee surgery.

Have a splendid holiday and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! The next meeting is scheduled for January 15, 2015. There’s a possibility that our place will be ready by then; otherwise, you will be notified as to where we will meet again. Please tell your friends to visit our blog site at

Superscrabble Games 12-18-14


Thanks to Bill, we will be able to enjoy our “get-togetherness” during the Superscrabble games. This is definitely our last game of the year 2014! And we’ll start all over again next year 2015. Reminders will be periodically emailed.

The games will be held at BILL LAPINSKI’s home: 21882 Raintree Lane, Lake Forest (cross streets: El Toro and Raintree) the same time 10:00 a.m. Please contact Bill at wills_way for more info on how to get there.

First game category: Christmas presents to someone you like or love. Second game: Something to do with the atmosphere (must have 5 letters or more — we’ll accept instruments to find out the weather).
Third game: Toys for kids 3-12 years old. You’ll have an instant award if you are the word finder.

Focus on long words. 1st pot, for 12-13 letters has $50. The previous winners of this pot were: Najat Reikes, Pat Reed, and Bill Lapinski. 2nd pot for 14-15+ letters has $280. This is really challenging. But after two years of playing Superscrabble games, you should be able to plot and plan for this. Focus on building up a short word, holding on to tiles that offer possibilities of emerging long and longer words.

STRAIGHT FOR WARD NESS NESSES = STRAIGHTFORWARDNESSES — 21 letters! Walk straight, go forward.
ACQUA QUAINT QUA AINT AN SHIP for ACQUAINTANCESHIP — you will have to hook “ANCE” to an existing word on the board, perhaps ACQUAINT. Hopefully you might have AACCNES on your rack. QUAINT will need front and back hooks to make ACQUAINTANCE. Holding S for possible HIP next move. Am I dreaming? It can happen.

Superscrabble Results 12-4-14


First of all, we celebrated current and upcoming birthdays of those who played. It was Barbara’s big day on 12-4, Gretchen’s 12-14, Bob’s 12-18, and Pat Reed’s 12/23. The atmosphere was actually Christmassy at the Embassy Suites atrium, so we combined the day with Christmas celebration and gift giving. The entire day turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days of the Superscrabble year 2014.

Congratulations to Roy Kamen for winning all thee games: high game 1204, high cum 3231, and the most of bingos played 17. Fern Trausch and Janet Goldstein tied with the high-point bingos. Fern played DRUMMING 140 points, and Janet played SPENDING 140 points. I apologize for this late stats. Arshud and I checked out of the hotel, then my main computer was still down and undergoing repair.

The next Superscrabble Club meeting has been rescheduled and will be held at Bill Lapinski’s place on Dec. 18, 2014. Please contact Bill for detail as to where and how to get there. The same time, starting at 10:00 a.m. Categories will be announced during the games.