Limerick – my first attempt to be humorous


Tell me if I failed to humour you. Per Gary’s enthusiastic solicitation of limericks to include in his collection, this is what I submitted in his ongoing contest, and I wanted to share it with you.

Upon reaching REM during my supine oblivious position,
Nessie came saying, the funnest thing to do is finding the NESS junction.
What junction? At the boundlessness, vast and infinite place by the NESS
At the garden of Nessie, the comptroller of words that ends in NESS.
There’s a STRAIGHT path that Nessie made FOR all to find the long words;
Go FORWARD and you’ll meet Nessie’s friends from Superscrabble Ness.
At the WARD, my friends, meet the twins STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS and

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