REMINDER: April 24, 2014 Superscrabble Club. We welcome newcomers. The first game starts at 10:00 A.M., group lunch is next; and we play two more games in the afternoon. Please respond and confirm by email, phone 714-544-4746, cellphone or text 714-654-4308. If you’ve never played Superscrabble before, current participants will be happy to show you. There’s no need to bring equipment. Come and meet new acquaintances, or get renewal of happy bygones. Kindly forward this reminder to your best friend.

First game category: Words having to do with colors or painting. Examples: mauve, aquamarine, reddish, yellow, green, golden, blond, indigo, orange, brown, blackish, violet, purple, etc.
Second game: Semiprecious or precious gemstones. Example: lapis, azurite, tourmaline, amblygonite, quartz, jadeite, topaz, diamond, garnet, citrine, pearls, kunzite, tanzanite, amethyst, opals, etc.
Third game: Lizard Critters, examples: chuckwalla, agamid, iguana, iguanid, skink, dragon, basilisk, tuatara, gecko, chameleon, etc.

LEARN a long word that can be played in multiple steps. Here’s a good one, and it’s a verb: COMPARTMENTALIZE, COMPARTMENTALIZED, COMPARTMENTALIZES, COMPARTMENTALIZING = 18 letters. Possibly, you can start with COMP or MENTAL, and so on. There’s 205$ saved up for anyone who can complete the long word. This is waiting to happen since Sept. 2012. 5$ is dropped in the box after each Superscrabble event. Try your best to find any long word–this is an on-going challenge to all superscrabblers.

To qualify for the categories listed above, the word must have five or more letters. Also during the three rounds, any word that starts with SEA– will have a prize (with five letters or more). See the rest of the "SEA–" word list at , superscrabble21; .

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