MARK YOUR CALENDAR: March 27, 2014 10:00 A.M.


REMINDER: Superscrabble games: Thursday March 27, 2014. Invite a friend to experience the perfect stimuli for the brain. Please confirm your intention: reply to this email or call 714-544-4746, or text 714-654-4308. The following words are good to know; to win a prize, the word must have 5 letters or more:

First round: Words regarding the sport of boxing. Examples: boxer, punches, pugilism, prizefight, referee, punch, punching, striking, gloves, fistfight, wristwraps, bouts, knockout, clinch, etc.

Second round: Ballet dance: adagio, allegro, pirouette, adage, aplomb, avant, balance, waltz, ballerina, ballon, barre, balletomane, tendu, battu, bravura, danseur, etc.

Third round: Words that begins with ANTI: antic, antismoking, antibug, antigay, antifur, antick, anticly, antiar, antilog, etc.I

My apologies for this short notice; I just got back from Princess Cruise. mm

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