Superscrabble Club Stats 1-16-14


I apologize. There was an error in the earlier log for 1-16-14. mm

We began by playing modified speed Scrabble® with 10-minute duration on the 1st round. The concern of unlimited phonies that can surface was addressed. The rule was set, so that the total score of each phony word was deducted at the end of 10 minutes. The Superscrabble Club is a casual and a friendly club. We play to have a good time, learn many acceptable words to play that we hope to remember when we go to a tournament, enhance our mental acuity, and exercise our arms and fingers to place the 200 tiles correctly on a board with 21×21-square spaces. It’s a great circle of people who may later become good friends. Congratulations to all the winners!

1st round, speed Scrabble® using 100 tiles: Roy Kamen won first place with 662, and five bingos within 10 minutes. Gary Moss was 2nd at 608 with 4 bingos. Najat Reikes was 3rd with 514 and 3 bingos.

2nd and 3rd rounds Superscrabble games: Pat Reed had the highest game points of the day at 1064. Roy Kamen in second place for high game at 969, winning both rounds, and high cum of 1895 points. Fern Trausch in third place for high game at 952, winning both rounds, and high bingo of 103=FASTEST. Pat Yarnell also won both rounds. Fern Trausch and Pat Reed tied in the number of bingos played (8).


Name, # of games played, wins, cumulative score, high game, high bingo & bingo word, T=tied, and *unrecorded.

BOB AGNEW: 2, 0, 1315, 720, 96 AVERAGE

TOM AGNEW: 2, 0, 1017, 696, *

RENEE KAHN: 2, 1, 1582, 810, 80 SUMMONS (played COR—word: CORER)

ROY KAMEN: 2, 2, 1895, 969, 76 TEARIER

MARIAN MELENDEZ: 2, 1, 1243, 689, 85 FORAGING

MALIHA MAHMOOD: 2, 2, 1515, 788, 80 ELITIST

GARY MOSS: 2, 0, 1668, 912, 93 SERPENT

PAT REED: 2, 1, 1837, 1064, 84 SLINKIER

NAJAT REIKES: 2, 0, 1742, 905, 96 JOINDERS

FERN TRAUSCH: 2, 2, 1879, 952, 103 FASTEST

PAT YARNELL: 2, 2, 1718, 864, 66 VIBRATES

The next meeting is scheduled for 2-6-14. A reminder will be emailed a week prior to the games. See a history of your performance posted at the blog site by Lawren Freebody. Google Superscrabble21 and choose the list that mentions, or ;

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