Happy New Year To You All!


The 1st Thursday of January (1-2-14) is coming up. Please invite a friend to experience the Superscrabble Club games, 10:00A.M. Contact maliha.mendoza@gmail.com if you need the venue information. Games start at 10:00, then we have a lunch break when we exchange pleasantries in friendship; two games in the afternoon. Please confirm that you’re coming via email or text 714-654-4308.

The following words are good to know. To win $5 the word must contain 5 letters. Study the examples in each category because it might come up in your rack.

FIRST ROUND: Words relating to poems or poetry. Examples: rhyme, rhyming, rhythmic, meter, metaphor, prosaic, iliad, iliads, verse, homeric, dramatic, euphony, onomatopoeia, etc.

SECOND ROUND: sports. Examples: soccer, basketball, football, bowling, score, bouncing, catch, catches, rolling, skating, skiing, batting, shooting, etc.

THIRD ROUND: Words starting with anti. Examples: antiair, antiars, antiarmor, antiatom, antibias, antibody, antibug, antic, anticar, anticity, antick, antics, antidrug, etc.

A long word to remember: BITTERSWEETNESS (n., 15-letters). See breakdown below:

BI, BIT, BITT, BITTER, BITTERSWEET, BITTERSWEETNESS, IT, ES, ET, ER, ERS, NE, WE, WEET, NESS, and ESS. The possibility exists during the games. Adding an ES makes it 17 letters (BITTERSWEETNESSES) which is playable only on the Super Scrabble® board. Box #1 now has $90 for 12-13 letter words; 14-16+ for Box #2 now has $170. You can all do this, one of these days! Build it up from short to a long, very long word. It takes a lot of focus and determination. Without uttering a word, perhaps you can utilize telepathy? To see what happened last meeting, Google superscrabble21 and chose the one with wordpress.com. The Super Scrabble board has quadruple, triple, and double premium squares; that’s why the scores are high. New comers will be allowed a cheat sheet, a list of playable 2- and 3- letter words to refer to during the games. Equipment is provided.

THANKS to everyone for the Christmas attendance and for the fantastic gifts. Your gifts will be treasured in my heart now and forever. –mmm

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