Kamen undefeated, Cowan scores 1093


Roy Kamen was undefeated, winning all three games, totaling 3027. Roy had 16 bingos and found words for two categories: BIRD (curlew) and a word starting with TW (twist). Gretchen Cowan captured the high game at 1093 points (prize: a penny per point earned for the winner), followed by Bill Lapinski at 1087. Pat Yarnell found the highest scoring bingo for “DECAYING” at 149 points. Renee, Bill, and Gretch played words that have something to do with money or currency of the world. We missed Pat Reed; we wish her well for quick recovery from a knee mishap/surgery. No one found the 12+ and 15+ words (this requires a lot of concentration). The day offered such an ebullient and unforgettable moments it made all of us happy.

Stats for Superscrabble Club Games on 11-21-13. From now on the stats will appear in this format.

Name, # of games played, wins, total score, high game, high bingo & bingo word, and *unrecorded.

BOB AGNEW: 2, 1, 1662, 839, 104 QUITTER

GRETCHEN COWAN: 3, 1, 2830, 1093, 146 DIALIST

RENEE KAHN: 3, 1, 2325, 929, 96 KETCHES

ROY KAMEN: 3, 3, 3027, 1052, 112 RELIQUE

BILL LAPINSKI: 3, 2, 2999, 1087, 104 SCREWING

MARIAN MELENDEZ: 3, 0, 1951, 707, 79 BLANDER

MALIHA MAHMOOD: 4, 2, 2597, 893, 89 FENDERS (played double during 1st round; total score is based on 3 games).

GARY MOSS: 3, 2, 2697, 977, 80 WARRANTS

TOM TITUS: 3, 1, 2627, 963, 98 AIRIEST

PAT YARNELL: 3, 2, 2422, 922, 149 DECAYING

The next Superscrabble Club meeting is scheduled for 12-19-13. The superscrabble club director is going to Prague to compete in the Open Scrabble World Champsions Tournament organized by the Mind Sports International. Whether you’ve experience the superscrabble games or not, if your birthday falls in December, you’re cordially invited to the most challenging and funnest game in town. Something special is going to happen, just five-and-half-days before —? Guess what.

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