Titus, Cowan, and Lapinski Take the Lead


Tom Titus was undefeated, with 1005 for the first round, and winning all three games. Gretchen Cowan finished second with 971. Bill Lapinski had the highest scoring bingo for “GREATEST” at 140 points; he also had the most bingo words played after 3 games (11 total). Pat Reed found “ORANGE” during the second round for playing a “fruit”word.

Stats for Superscrabble Club Games on 11-07-13. From now on the stats will appear in this format.

Name, number of games played, wins, total score, high game, high bingo & bingo word, and *unrecorded.

BOB AGNEW: 2, 1, 1472, 765, 64 LUSTERS

GRETCHEN COWAN: 3, 2, 2702, 971, *, *

RENEE KAHN: 3, 1, 2557, 896, 118 SHOWIER

BILL LAPINSKI: 3, 2, 2763, 939, 140 GREATEST

MARIAN MELENDEZ: 3, 1, 2009, 716, 64 INTRIGUE

MALIHA MAHMOOD: 3, 1, 2214, 823, 76 UNFAIRLY

PAT REED: 3, 2, 2644, 941, 95 HARKENS

NAJAT REIKES: 3, 0, 2527, 883, 98 STROLLED

TOM TITUS: 3, 3, 2928, 1005, 137 TICKLED

The next Superscrabble Club meeting is scheduled for 11-21-13. Please invite a friend to experience the most challenging and funnest game in town. Complete sets are available: 4 sets from customscrabbleboards.com by Peter Manzollilo, 1 from Word Gear (modified and mounted on a turntable by Gary Moss), and 4 from Winning Moves. No equipment to bring, just yourself ready to play. Contact Maliha via text (714) 654-4308 or email: maliha.mendoza@gmail.com. If you are new to the Super Scrabble® game, the group will be happy to show you how. Participants should be a member of either the NASPA (North American Scrabble® Players’ Asso.) or the WGPO (Word Game Players Organization).

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