Bill Lapinski is the bingo champ


Welcome Bill Lapinski and Russell Maningas! Bill’s performance was very impressive: 13 total bingos, winning all three games, and the highest game points of 1116 out of 3 games. For his first Superscrabble Club game, he fitted right in and surprised everyone. Russell did very well for a first timer too, considering the last game he played was when he was 12 years old while growing up in the Philippines. Good sport, Russ! Again Rosy was here to cheer up all of us. Pat Reed had the high scoring bingo at 119 for SEEKING.

The next meeting is scheduled for first Thursday, November 7, 2013. The website edits are done. You can visit the site now. Find out the word that inspired the inception of Superscrabble Club and the compilation of Word Judge USA. The Plant Kingdom Word List has been submitted to CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Request for your free copy of PDF file for iPad, iPhone or desk top thru I’m looking forward to it’s completion before end of 2013.

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