Mark your calendars: October 17, 2013


The next meeting is on the third Thursday of October (10-17-13). Please invite a friend to experience the Superscrabble Club games.  Remember the goals of Superscrabble is to learn new words and to make a short word longer in multiple steps. It is a simple way of rejuvenating your brain cells.

The following categories of words are good to know. To win $5 the word must have at least have 5 letters.

FIRST ROUND: Something to do with wind musical instruments. Example: reeds, piccolo, flute, oboes, clarinet, bassoon, horns, hornpipe, saxophone, etc.

SECOND ROUND: vegetables and herbs. Example: cabbage, carrot, pepper, spinach, tomato, broccoli, kales, arugula or arugula, endive, mints, garlic, onions, etc.

THIRD ROUND: Words with -ite or ites ending. Example: malachite, bornite, ebonite, augite, bites, kites, mites, jadeite, ophite, oolite, albite, alunite, galenite, etc.

A long word to remember: APOCRYPHALNESSES (16-letter word). See breakdown below:

APO, CRY, AL. NE, NESS, ES. Possibility: Start with CRY in the middle where Y should be on the pink square with a star, or where Y should be placed on the 11th square downward. Who knows? You might have on your rack 7 letters that can be hooked front and back like A-A-O-H-L-P-P. Hooking APO in front of CRY and PHAL at the end makes APOCRYPHAL a bingo play. Either you or your opponent might have NESS available to hook making it APOCRYPHALNESS; it is possible to have an ES (remember 10 S’s in the bag). Only one bingo possibility in this word; add ES making it APOCRYPHALNESSES. Whoever completes APOCRYPHALNESSES will win $150. However, if bingo is out of site early on, but you still have A-A-O-H–P-L (+whatever–an O or E), you can still play APOCRYPHA. Later you might have the L-N-E-S-S-E-S to hook at the end. If you try your best, nothing is impossible.

APOCRYPHAL is an adjective meaning: of doubtful authenticity or doubtful sanction; uncanonical;

APOCRYPHALNESS [noun]; APOCRYPHALNESSES, [plural] APOCRYPHALLY [adverb]; APOCRYPHA [noun] meaning: religious writing of uncertain origin.

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